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Global Business

It's a Global Economy

A dynamic global economy is being driven by a rapid and increasing flow of information, ideas, cultural values, capital, goods and services, and people. A growing global middle class, now 2 billion strong, is creating tremendous new business opportunites. The companies that respond to this opportunity. and execute, will achieve great success.

Doing Business In North America

Channel Ventures work closely with organizations around the world to provide systems and solutions to support channel sales programs in North America. We help companies execute on critical factors such as Market Assessment, Channel Strategy, Program Design, Sales Force Development, Partner Recruitment, and Demand Creation.

Doing Business Outside North America

North American companies have potential customers all over the world, but emerging markets are littered with failures. A "copy-and-paste" marketing strategy will not work. We can help you research foreign markets, construct an effective strategy and execute international sales channels. Channel Ventures helps companies get the most from world-wide markets.

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